Football Predictions

GoatScores currently have 114 machine-made football predictions open. New predictions are calculated every night.

How Does GoatScores Football Predictions Work?

GoatScores lists football predictions that are generated by sophisticated prediction algorithms. Fresh football data is being processed all day long - the new predictions may appear many times in a given day.

Relative Strength Algorithm

GoatScores is currently running one live algorithm called the Relative Strength Algorithm. This algorithm uses a relative strength index as an input and predicts results based on that.

The win rate has been slightly over 50% in 2021 and many weeks with positive ROI are in the books. This algorithm generates approximately one hundred predictions per week.

Deep Learning Football Predictions

GoatScores is training a couple of deep learning algorithms (neural networks). These should output even more precise football predictions than the regular prediction algorithms. Deep learning algorithms are able to give a prediction for each football fixture.

We publish these when the prediction win rate exceeds the win rate of the Relative Strength Algorithm.

Prediction Statistics

As soon as there is live more than one prediction algorithm live, we will publish the statistics page. The statistics page compares the performances of the different prediction algorithms.

What is the Relative Strength Index?

The form is often used in football to refer to a team's recent performance. The relative strength adds more properties to the calculation and produces a value that is related to the strength of other teams in a given time.