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Thursday, June 10, 2021


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Coritiba vs Flamengo 0-1 | Recap | Stats with Player Performances

Muniz Rodrigo scored the game's only goal on Flamengo's win against Coritiba.

Flamengo wins at Estádio Major Antônio Couto Pereira

Diego Alves secured a clean sheets and helped Flamengo to earn three valuable Copa do Brasil points.

Coritiba's next match in the Serie B will be at home against Londrina on 6/13/2021.

Flamengo's next match in the Serie A will be at home against América Mineiro on 6/13/2021.

Match Statistics

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Ball Possession
Attacks Dangerous
71 34
117 82
Shots On Goal Inside Box
5 2 0
15 7 8
Passes Passing Accuracy
321 82%
625 90%

Closer Look Into Match Stats

Ball Possession
Flamengo wins the ball possession by 64% - 36%.

Coritiba attacked 71 times, of which 34 were dangerous attacks. For a visitors there were a total of 117 attacks, of which 82 were dangerous.

Coritiba had 5 shots, of which 2 were on target. Flamengo had 7 shots on target from a total of 15 shots.

Coritiba pass completion rate was 81.62% from a total of 321 passes. Flamengo's pass success percentage was 90.4% from 625 passes.

Player Performances

Gamalho vs Muniz

Rodrigo Muniz wins attacker's statistics comparison.

Léo Gamalho photo
Rodrigo Muniz photo

Rafinha vs Diego

Rafinha looks better in the midfielder's statistics comparison.

Rafinha photo
Diego photo

Ribeiro vs Luís

Nathan Ribeiro outperformed Filipe Luís in the defending stats.

Nathan Ribeiro photo
Filipe Luís photo

Wilson vs Alves

Wilson wins goalie comparison.

Wilson photo
Diego Alves photo

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