Al Batin vs Al Quadisiya 2-2 | Recap | Stats with Player Performances

Al Batin and Al Quadisiya played out draw at Al-Batin FC Stadium.

Draw at Al-Batin FC Stadium

2-2 draw at Al-Batin FC Stadium on Tuesday night. Both teams secured one Pro League point.

Match Statistics

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Al Quadisiya football club logo
Ball Possession
Shots On Goal Inside Box
10 5 8
13 6 9
Passes Passing Accuracy
345 77%
480 84%

Closer Look Into Match Stats

Ball Possession
Al Quadisiya wins the ball possession by 58% - 42%.

Al Batin had 10 shots, of which 5 were on target. Al Quadisiya had 6 shots on target from a total of 13 shots.

Al Batin pass completion rate were 77.39% from total of 345 passes. Al Quadisiya's pass success percentage was 84.38% from 480 passes.