Who Is The GOAT?

Is it Messi? Is it Ronaldo? Is it Maradona? Is it Pele? Is it Zlatan? (Obviously, Zlatan believes it’s Zlatan)

The argument that has ruined friendships and estranged family members. The eternal question that sparks fire into the hearts of loyal soccer fans. Every football conversation unavoidably comes down to the GOAT argument.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that the short magician from Rosario, the balding, head-butting Frenchman, or the handsome goal-scoring machine from Madeira is the Greatest of All Time.

When it comes to football live scores for real football fans, the GOAT is clear.

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Goat from GoatScores.com logo If you are looking for a simple, fast, and fuss-free way to learn about every single goal, red card, or penalty – the moment it happens – look no further. Designed by passionate football fans, GoatScores takes a fan-first approach and creates a safe, visitor-oriented experience for real football fans.

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Be the first to learn all the latest scores, read predictions about the upcoming fixtures, view the standings, see who’s leading the top-scorer race in your favorite league (spoiler alert! Chances are he’s named Cristiano. Again), and stay on top of every league, cup, international cup, or friendly match on the planet.

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You. Our goal is to offer you fast and reliable live scores and expert fixture predictions that help you rediscover your passion for the beautiful game. GoatScores was built on nostalgic, old-school values, where love for football and user experience are the most important thing.

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Our mission is simple; create a one-stop platform for die-hard football fans who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of the game. From high-profile Champions League matches to Monday-night Premier League games to the semi-professional Faroe Islands Premier League, if there’s a ball rolling on the pitch, GoatScores will get you right in the middle of the action.

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